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This Website allows people to communicate related to Real Estate without charging any Fees for it. Money for this Website is generated using the Advertisements posted on this Website and yes they are clearly marked as Advertisements. Goa Property offers a Free way of Communication between Buyers and Sellers, thereby saving the Brokerage Fees.

For Buying / Renting Plot, Flat, Villa or anything else related to Real Estate, all you need to have is a genuine buyer willing to sell your property to you at a price you can afford. Real Estate Brokers charge 2% from Buyer and 2% from Seller so that Buyer and Seller can Meet and Discuss the agreements. Now with Goa Property, you can communicate with Real Estate Owners by posting in your requirements on this website.

Once you post your Real Estate Requirements on this website, everybody is able to see the Real Estate Details allowing people to communicate at their own without the help of Real Estate Agents. If you are Selling your Property, you can Save 2% Brokerage Fee and if you are Buying Property, you too can save 2% of the Brokerage fees. Apart from saving the Brokerage Fees, direct communication between Buyers and Sellers can speed up the Sale/ Purchase of Properties.

Send in your Real Estate Requirements to and get Listed on this Website for Free. No Brokerage Fees and Direct Communication between Buyers and Sellers is the motto of this Goa Property Website Portal.

Plots for Sale in Anjuna

Plots at Anjuna measuring in total around 3,900sqmtrs with 500sq metres in settlement area, are on the flee market road (biggest market of goa) of Anjuna.  The Plots are at around 600 metres away from main beach. It will take around 5 mins walk to Anjuna beach. Application moved for building commercial, and is in final stage of permission.

The Plots for sale in Anjuna are east facing plots. Expected Price is Rs 10,000 per square metres.

Sell Plot or Flat in Goa

Are you looking forward to sell your plot or flat in Goa? We have a lucarative option for you which can save you brokerage fees, speed up the process of selling your property, save you valuable time and money really fast.

In Order to sell your property, you do need to find potential customer and then show the property to him / her and then finally complete all legal formalities and transact money.  There can be following ways to sell your plot or flat in Goa or in any other part of India or across the globe.

  1. Put Advertisement in Local Newspapers, do mouth publicity, advertise on internet.
  2. Provide information to Property Dealer in Goa and wait for the property dealer to get you customer and pay the brokerage fee (Can be something like 2% of the property value).

 Now there is another way out instead of waiting for the property dealer to revert back to you i.e. Get a Website for your Property from us which will show case the property as if you are standing right in front of the property with pictures and videos, get all the local information in the website and let us find a potential customer for the property.

Advantages of the Website for your Property

  • You can handle the property sale yourself.
  • You can show the property to potential customer within seconds by telling him / her the property website address.
  • Potential customer can instantly see the property, know local information, view maps of the property and other details.
  • You might not need to provide a site visit everytime a potential customer approaches you saving you time and money.
  • We can even publicize your property on internet and on local newspapers so that you do not need to call property dealers and instead receive call from potential customers.

Get a Website for your property today and save time, money and speed up the property sale. Call us / Drop an SMS at 09096 27 67 67 or drop us a line at support @ with your contact number and we will give you a call. We will send you a list of websites created by us so that you can preview what you property website will look like.

2 BHK Flat for Rent in Dauna Paula of Goa

Looking for a 2 BHK Flat for Rent in Dauna Paula? How about a new flat at an excellent location in Dauna Paula on the way to Cidade Goa (The 5 Star Resort in Dauna Paula)? Does that sounds interesting, in case yes read on to know more about the flat available on rental basis. The Flat is located on the 3rd floor of a new building and has an excellent view. Please do have a look at the images of the flat and the locality in the video presented below to see the flat without even going there.

The Flat available on rent is a semi furnished flat and is located on 3rd floor of the building. Round the Clock Security, Car Parking and Swimming Pool and Local Gymnasium are available in the building as well for the people living in the building. Total area of the flat is around 95 Square Metres.

The Flat will be available on Rental basis starting from September 2010. The exepected rent for the flat is Rs 30,000/- per month and is available in accordance with lease and licence agreemenet for 11 months. The Video has images of the flat and surrounding areas, however the owner would be furnishing the flat with basic amenties and the flat will be available on rent in a semi furnished condition. This will allow you to move your stuff to the flat and enjoy the peaceful and pollution free environment of Dauna Paula.

Property Rates in Goa

This post talks in brief about Property rates in Goa in general. Property Rates like at everywhere else in India depends on a lot of factors such as Property Type, Amenities nearby, Upcoming projects, availability, etc. Property rates also depend on the development of the place. Goa in general is well known for tourism, mining industry, cashew nuts and other factors.  The information provided in this post should be used only for reference purpose and appropriate proofs must be obtained before relying on any of the information provided here in this post about Property Rates in Goa.

One of the important factors defining property rate in Goa is the Property Type. Availability of the land is also one of the important factors when you are looking to buy or sell a plot or open piece of land.There are many property types or classifications given to a piece of land.

Agricultural land: This Property type denotes an open piece of land for farming or agricultural production. Annual crops or crops which yield on an yearly or lesser duration are supposed to be grown on this price of land. Crops such as Cereals, Vegetables, Potatoes, etc are grown on agricultural piece of land. In case you imagine a big piece of land with crops, you might imagine a really big farm or open land and in case you are planning to buy an agricultural piece of land, you would be happy to know that this type of property can be the cheapest one depending  on the location of the agricultural plot. Total area of the agricultural land may be also really big so let’s say there is a piece of land at the rate of Rs 100/- per square metre, how much would a 60,000 square metres agricultural plot would cost you? Agricultural piece of lands are available for sale in Goa, however most of them would come in really big sizes.

Orchard Plot : Another agriculture related property type with a difference that Orchard land or property can have permanent crops such as cashew nut frees, fruit trees, etc. All places have developed from being villages to cities etc, so initially there were huge pieces of lands which have now transformed into residential or commercial places etc. In case you are looking to buy a property in Goa and invest in Real Estate, then an Orchard land can be a good option. In Goa Orchard plots can be bought and the difference from Agricultural piece of land is that an orchard plots are available of smaller sizes as compared to Agricultural Plots in Goa, however an orchard plot might cost you more money as compared to the cost of Agricultural Plot in Goa. Availability, Location, distance from city, transport, roadways are indeed few of the factors which can decide the cost of the orchard plot in Goa.

Residential Plot: A Residential plot as the name suggest can be used to create residential building, houses, etc. This type of plot can be bought in really small sizes as compared to that of Orchard or Agricultural Plot in Goa. Plots with total area of few hindered square metres are readily available in Dauna Paula, Porvorim, Panaji and nearby places in Goa. Residential Plots can be bought in other parts of Goa as well and the price of the residential plot may depend on lots of things such as proximity to the city, availability of amenities, local transport available etc. A Residential plot in Panaji (The Capital of Goa) may cost more as compared to a plot of same size in Porvorim or any other location.

There are several other factors whose knowledge is required when buying or selling property in Goa. Settlement Zone, Conversion, Local taxes, and tons of more. In a nutshell property rates in Goa vary a lot depending on general real estate factors. This post is a generic post about property rates in Goa and another one will follow with some statistics in it.

Buy Plot in Pomburpa of Goa

How about a Plot in Goa at the rate of Rs 450/- per square metres around 7 Km from Porvorim and around 20 Km from Panaji only. Does that sounds interesting, yeah let’s read on to know more. Real Estate Prices are grooming everyday in Goa. In Porvorim small or big plot can cost you starting from Rs 10,000/- per square metres. The Plot we are offering here lies in Pomburpa of Goa which is not too far from Porvorim or Panaji. Porvorim itself was a cattle ground and now the real estate prices have soarded really new heights. Pomburpa lies in North Goa with nearby places such as Paliem, Socorro, etc.

Goa Economy is supported by lots of ways out of which Tourism and Mining can be considered as major ways. 12% of foreigner tourists to India come to Goa. Pomburpa is a tourist friendly place with scenic beauty, flowing water and a spring which was beautified by Goa govt by spending a whopping 1 crore of rupees. Goa was the richest state according to GDP per capita in the yearly average of 1990 to 2000.

 The best part of this plot sale in Pomburpa is that you can specify your own size of the plot depending on the money you are looking forward to invest in real estate in Goa. Contact us today to book your part of the plot.

Property for sale in Pomburpa of Goa

Does a 4,800 square metres of open land in Pomburpa of Goa at the rate of Rs 500 per square metres sounds interesting? Pomburpa lies in Bardez of North Goa and is around 6 Kms from National Highway NH17. Tivim is the nearest Railway Station and Dabolim Airport is the nearest Airport of Goa. Corjuem Fort around 4 kms from Pomburpa, nearby Mapusa river, the Church of Our Lady of Miracles, Our Lady of Socorro Church and nearby Mapusa Market are few of the popular places nearby.Porvorim, Mapusa, Panaji are nearby locations with only few minutes drive from Pomburpa.

The Plot comes at a really cheap price and has a genuine buyer and is free from any whatsoever legal obligation.  Please do contact us to arrange a site visit  and to buy this open land in Pomburpa. Recently Goa Govt spent around 1 CR to renovate Pomburpa spring and opened it for tourists and local people. Group Picnics are organised by private organisation and just like most of the places in Goa, Pomburpa is really pollution free and is a really quite place. In case you are looking to buy a property in Pomburpa, this property can be an ideal property for you for any sort of residential or commercial purpose. However if you are looking to buy an open land in any other part of Goa, please do contact us and we will provide you an open land as per your requirements with competitive real estate prices.

Plot of 3075 Square Metres for sale in Old Goa

We have a 3075 square metres of plot for sale in Old Goa. The plot is near by colim panchayat and is in S2 Zone. The asking price for the plot is Rs 4,000 square metres only.

Old Goa is near to Panaji (the capital of Goa) on the banks of Mandovi river attracts lots of national and foreigner tourists. Church of Saint Cajetan, Church of St. Francis of Assisi and other churches are the pride of Old Goa. Tourists come to Old Goa for relaxing and is one of the things that everybody would like to see in Goa after beaches of Goa. Karmali Railway station of Konkan Railways is the nearest railway station. Nearby Beaches remain Miramar, Dona Paula, etc.

You can use the huge plot area for any residential or commercial construction. The capital of Goa is only at 9 Km from Old Goa and property prices are really sky rocketing in Panaji. Old Goa can be one of the great real estate investment option in Goa (India). Please do write to us or give us a call in case you would like to buy this piece of land in Old Goa and we can arrange a plot visit for you. As the plot is free from all legal obligations and is a clear title plot, we can even help you secure a loan against the plot.

Plot for Sale in Porvorim – Goa

How about a 1,000 Square Metres of Plot in Porvorim? Does that sounds interesting? In case yes, please read on to know more about the open land available for sale by genuine owner. The asking price of the plot is really competitive and is only Rs 6,000 per square metres. Taking into consideration the numerous benefits of having a plot in Porvorim, the quoted price is really really cheap.

Porvorim is the legislative capital of Goa and is located on the National Goa to Mumbai Highway (NH17). Other positive benefits of having a property in Porvorim is it’s closeness to Panaji (Distance between Pororim and Panaji is around 3 Kms only), Calungute, Mapusa. Apart from the location benefits, Porvorim has a peaceful and developing area of North Goa. Porvorim does have many residential buildings and mostly there are individual houses. Porvorim used to be a cattle playground and now is one of the most sought real estate destination of North Goa.

We do have other plots available in Porvorim for sale and we do have houses and flats available for rent in Porvorim. Please do contact us to get a property of any type in Porvorim ranging from few square metres to thousands of square metres or even flats for rent or available for sale, we have every type of real estate available in Porvorim for you to move in.

Plot for Sale in Goa – Bicholim

Around 18 Acres of plot is available for sale in Bicholim of Goa. The plot has genuine owner and can be used for plotting, for construction of residential complexes or houses, as an investment in Goa or any other option. The plot is readily available and can be taken into settlementzone. The plot for sale is nearby to the main city of Bicholim. The plot available for sale has got a flat surface & is well connected with roadways.

Bicholim is around 30 Kms from Panajim (capital of Goa) and around 19 kms from Mapusa. Bicholim comes in North Goa with Mayem as the nearest railway station and Dabolim as the nearest Airport. There are Govt plans to move the public airport to Mopa of Goa, however things are still uncertain and can take time. Bicholim attracts tourists for Mayem Lake and pilgrims visting Saptakoteshwar Temple at Narve near Bicholim.

The plot rates in Bicholim depends on actual location of the plot. This plot comes at a really competitive price with access to roadways and proximity to the city and the main bus stand of Bicholim. Please do contact us to buy the plot in Bicholim. In case you need another plot or open land in Bicholim of different size or for any specific purpose, please do contact us and we will offer you the appropriate land for you in Goa.