Property Rates in Goa

This post talks in brief about Property rates in Goa in general. Property Rates like at everywhere else in India depends on a lot of factors such as Property Type, Amenities nearby, Upcoming projects, availability, etc. Property rates also depend on the development of the place. Goa in general is well known for tourism, mining industry, cashew nuts and other factors.  The information provided in this post should be used only for reference purpose and appropriate proofs must be obtained before relying on any of the information provided here in this post about Property Rates in Goa.

One of the important factors defining property rate in Goa is the Property Type. Availability of the land is also one of the important factors when you are looking to buy or sell a plot or open piece of land.There are many property types or classifications given to a piece of land.

Agricultural land: This Property type denotes an open piece of land for farming or agricultural production. Annual crops or crops which yield on an yearly or lesser duration are supposed to be grown on this price of land. Crops such as Cereals, Vegetables, Potatoes, etc are grown on agricultural piece of land. In case you imagine a big piece of land with crops, you might imagine a really big farm or open land and in case you are planning to buy an agricultural piece of land, you would be happy to know that this type of property can be the cheapest one depending  on the location of the agricultural plot. Total area of the agricultural land may be also really big so let’s say there is a piece of land at the rate of Rs 100/- per square metre, how much would a 60,000 square metres agricultural plot would cost you? Agricultural piece of lands are available for sale in Goa, however most of them would come in really big sizes.

Orchard Plot : Another agriculture related property type with a difference that Orchard land or property can have permanent crops such as cashew nut frees, fruit trees, etc. All places have developed from being villages to cities etc, so initially there were huge pieces of lands which have now transformed into residential or commercial places etc. In case you are looking to buy a property in Goa and invest in Real Estate, then an Orchard land can be a good option. In Goa Orchard plots can be bought and the difference from Agricultural piece of land is that an orchard plots are available of smaller sizes as compared to Agricultural Plots in Goa, however an orchard plot might cost you more money as compared to the cost of Agricultural Plot in Goa. Availability, Location, distance from city, transport, roadways are indeed few of the factors which can decide the cost of the orchard plot in Goa.

Residential Plot: A Residential plot as the name suggest can be used to create residential building, houses, etc. This type of plot can be bought in really small sizes as compared to that of Orchard or Agricultural Plot in Goa. Plots with total area of few hindered square metres are readily available in Dauna Paula, Porvorim, Panaji and nearby places in Goa. Residential Plots can be bought in other parts of Goa as well and the price of the residential plot may depend on lots of things such as proximity to the city, availability of amenities, local transport available etc. A Residential plot in Panaji (The Capital of Goa) may cost more as compared to a plot of same size in Porvorim or any other location.

There are several other factors whose knowledge is required when buying or selling property in Goa. Settlement Zone, Conversion, Local taxes, and tons of more. In a nutshell property rates in Goa vary a lot depending on general real estate factors. This post is a generic post about property rates in Goa and another one will follow with some statistics in it.