Sell or Rent your Property

Get a Website for your Property to showcase you property to potential customers. We can visit your property, take pictures, lookout for local useful information and can create a website for you so that you can easily show your property to potential customers.

A Website for your property can save you valuable time and money and can speedup the process. Give us a call at 09096 27 67 67 to tell details of your property and get a website for your property.

We can even help you to publicize your property website and bring potential customers. This can save you brokerage fee (which is around 2% of the property value in case you wish to sell or 1 month rental). Get a Website for your property today to save brokerage fee, save time and money to show your property to potential customers and get +ve results instantly.

Selling or Renting out property in Goa can be a tedious job like in any other city of Goa. Searching for the appropriate customer, arranging a site visit and then finally finalising the deal which does requires efforts and time. This is where a property dealer comes into picture. It is something like hiring a driver to drive a car instead of driving yourself and let the driver take care of the parking required, search for the address, etc.

We can help you sell your plot or rent your apartment. We will take care of finding the customer and then finalising the deal and completing all the legal formalities of the property transaction. All you need to do is tell us about the property in detail, if possible send us the screenshots, arrange a single site visit for us and that’s it. We will search for the customer for your property, will show the property to the customer and when the customer wishes to buy or rent the property, we will tell you about that and will complete the legal formalities regarding the outright sale or property rental.

Does all above sounds good ? In case yes, give us a call or write to us by email and tell us about the property you wish to sell, rent or lease on long term and we will take care of the rest. When contacting us, it would be really great if you can send us some pictures of the property as well and tell us about other details of the property such as what is the total area of the property, is it clear title, and other relative details. Tell us about your contact details and in case you are not in Goa, please do tell us the contact details of the person with whom we can arrange a site visit and we can go to have a look at the plot, flat or house in Goa. The more you tell us about the property, the more easier and faster results you can expect. We will even advertise your property on a free and no obligation basis on our website, so that any person outside of Goa can have a look at the property before coming to Goa.